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Simple rustic hand-hewn wearable expressions in precious and base metals

Metalworking has come to be a second career of sorts. After making a bracelet from some brass wire and screws and nuts—“beautiful stuff” during an early childhood workshop—I was inspired to take a beginner metalsmith class at the Maine College of Art. Once this eight-week basic course was finished, I felt I needed more experience with a torch. With one more informal class, I felt confident enough to buy my own torch, set up a small shop, and have been learning through play, practice, reading and watching youtubes. And trial and error. Lots of it, although I work to turn my errors into new pieces whenever I can.


I very much enjoy the conversations that evolve in helping others move the beginnings of an idea into a solid design that can then be made into a piece of personalized jewelry or other artifact. This is a rewarding process that continues to inspire me and to push my own skill—both in designing and in fabricating. 


I favor an organic and free-form look when I think about the unique pieces that are my own designs. I have learned to play with the materials’ properties—pushing the relationships between various metals while changing the heat of my little torch. This is an incredibly fun and unpredictable process. Finished pieces are unlike those you might find at mass-market jewelers like Kay or Zales. 


In addition to using sheet and wire for custom work, I use my scrap metals to create new items. Often scraps sit at my table or soldering bench for weeks. I move them and play with positioning until they let me know just what they want to be. Sometimes I choose to fuse scraps together. The resulting little sculptures that morph from this process create all sorts of surprise endings. 


I keep a small inventory that can be found in the Store section of this site. I sell at craft fairs mostly within Maine. Occasionally I create copies, although this is rare. Much of my work is collaborative using client’s input. I also create my own pieces that tend to be rustic and textured—more organic. The shifting stock consists of unique earrings, bracelets and cuffs, necklaces and pendants, and rings.


I have worked with many different materials over the years—fabrics, yarn, dyes, paints, papers, wood, and food. I was introduced to metals later in life during a time in which I sense I was resting—a bit unfocused.


The custom pieces I create often start from a client’s or from my own ideas. Sometimes I build directly from a client’s design, sometimes we work collaboratively, modifying a design over time. Then there are pieces that I create simply from my own inclinations.

Metal Work

For me, metal has an energy—an aliveness and dimension--that I have never found with other materials. It has the ability to change temperature and move from solid to molten in seconds. Metal can twirl and bend, stretch, ooze and reflect. I can hold small bits in my hands and manipulate them so that creations evolve almost magically. I often do not know the specifics of an end product when I start on a project.


Custom Designs



This customer came looking for an iron worker spud wrench in silver about 1 to 1.5 inches long to hang on a silver necklace. This was terrific -- fun to make! Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.


Sterling and Brass

This design was created by the customer--a two-sided pendant with "peace" on one side and an adaptation of a thumbprint on the other. We worked together to get the actual thumbprint simplified so that I could cut it from sheet. The peace side is sterling, the thumbprint is brass, and then there is a third layer between the two to act as a backdrop. Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.

Cuff Links


These sterling cuff links were created as a gift based on a company logo. The image of the bull was cut by hand using a very fine saw blade, then soldered to a back plate and oxidized to help define the bull's amazingly graceful, fine line. Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.



The cuff was cut from sheet copper, which was then hammered, filed and sanded. Hebrew name was cut from sterling and soldered into place. After forming the cuff, more filing, sanding, then oxidizing, cleaning, wet sanding and buffing. Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.



Client requested a bracelet incorporating the engravings from a site of ruins called Newgrange, in Ireland.  The bracelet was a gift for a twentieth wedding anniversary that was given during a trip to the ruins. Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.

Baby Spoon

Sterling and Brass

Custom design with brass soldered onto sterling. Contact email lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.


Layered Sterling

This 2-inch diameter pendant was created from two layers of sheet sterling. The design was hand-sawn from one layer, filed and finished and then soldered to a disc. Once fabricated, the piece was oxidized. Contact lsf | design + fabrication for work on your projects.


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