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After making a bracelet from some brass wire, screws and nuts during an early childhood workshop, I was inspired to take a beginner metal smith class at the Maine College of Art. One more informal class gave me the confidence to set up a small shop. Since then, I have been learning through play, practice, reading and watching YouTubes. My life’s work with young children has taught me to embrace the process, including all the messes and mistakes. Giving in to this way of thinking has led to much creativity and joy. It also allows me to turn my “errors” into new pieces.

I keep a small inventory of available pieces on this site and have a few items available in the Down East Store. I also enjoy collaborations. Working on others’ ideas continues to inspire me and pushes my skill—both in designing and in fabricating. Soon I hope to return to in-person fairs and shows.

Please contact me if you’d like to work together on an original idea or an adaptation of a piece you see in the store.

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The most common metals I use are sterling or Argentium silvers sheet and wire and copper sheet and wire. I also create jewelry with 14K golds and, on occasion, platinum. I can use other base metal sheets such as bronze and brass and often use gold-filled wire and chains when 14K is prohibitive.
My shop is minimally set up with a Smith little torch for soldering and fusing and a Foredom Flex Shaft for extra power and refinement. I have a small collection of shaping tools, pliers, hammers, saws and hammering surfaces.
I rarely draw a design ahead of time for the one-of-a-kind pieces we make. Ideas evolve often from the shapes of of metal and wire. Sometimes I will let a piece sit partially finished for quite a while and the design will change over time. There are times when I have even taken pieces apart to adapt and reconfigure the design. This process is both rewarding and challenging—even to the point of frustration at times. When I am working on a collaboration for a client, I can offer a full design and fabrication, or I can use the client’s ideas or drawings to initiate the project.
I am very drawn to flowing lines, horizons, the natural world and to texture—like the bark on trees or the way ice forms, or the way a bird's feathers lie along its back or wings—patterns. Well-known artists that are inspirational: Georgia O’Keeffe, Alexander Calder, and Jackson Pollock. Many of my friends and colleagues are highly creative which motivates and encourages us. Above all, I learn much about design and expression by watching young children work with materials. There is an openness in their play and creating that has taught me to be careful with boundaries and rules in my own work.
Yes, my handcrafted metal jewelry is available for the international market.
After a design and price is agreed upon, a 50% down payment commitment is required.  Once this is received, it will take from two to six weeks to complete, depending on complexity.  I do not stock precious metals, so the first five to seven days are waiting for materials to arrive in our shop.


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